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Batman: The Killing Joke – Comic Review

Title: The Killing Joke
Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Brian Bolland
Colorist: John Higgins
Published by DC Comics on June 1988

Short Recap:

Joker has a theory about insanity. He argues that everyone has a nugget of insanity inside them that only waits the right moment to be spring out. And what’s a better way to prove that theory other than turn the most lawful police in Gotham, Commissioner Gordon, insane.


Alan Moore made this one-shot and he made it perfectly.┬áThis one-shot has a very heavy theme on it and it seems like Alan Moore never scared to use it in explicitly. It’s a Moore’s typical storyline with challenging subject matter and adult themes on it. For you who still doesn’t get it, it’s not about Joker past life but more about Joker wants to prove something. About Joker trying to make an excuse for his condition.

The tense in this one-shot built really well from the beginning of the story until the end. The transitions in this issue are also great as we could going between past and present at ease and doesn’t confuse us.

Brian Bolland also did a good job in here, especially what he did with the Joker’s expression. He nailed it when he makes Joker’s smile and laugh. I also like how Bolland’s artwork match perfectly with Moore’s style and theme. For the colorisation, I like how it turns out in the deluxe version but as many people keep saying it, the original is better.

But the best part of this one-shot is the ending. The “open for interpretation” kind of ending is always my favourite simply because we could have our own ending. Our own story and theory.


This one-shot is not the best Batman story arcs out there, but it can’t be denied that this is the most influential Batman arc to the whole franchise up until now. So if you haven’t seen this one, go out there and check this one-shot or you have no rights to call yourself a Batman fans.

Score: A


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