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Green Arrow Year One #1 – Comic Review

Title: Part One
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Jock
Published by DC Comics on early September 2007

Short Recap:

Oliver Queen is a little spoiled brat who spend his money on supermodels and dangerous adventures in order to get satisfaction in his life. After an embarassing accident in a charity party, he decides to lay low for a moment by going on board with Hackett, his trusty personal bodyguard, in a business trip to Fiji. But it turns out, Hackett is not so trusty at all.


I like how Diggle made a character in this issue. Oliver Queen in here is potrayed as a person who spend his money on either supermodel and adventures to get satisfaction in his life and its my favourite potrayal of Oliver Queen so far. Diggle just threw away all those left-wing politics bullsh*t and even still potrayed as a jerk, he’s not an overly top jerk we usually see these days.

Hackett in here also has a quite interesting character. Although he turns out to be the villain for this limited series in the late part of the issue, he still have something good in him and that’s also the reason why he can’t kill Oliver. I’m just tired to see all those pure evil villain character that just do something evil for the sake of evil.

But I must admit Diggle spent too much time on character development till this issue feels like so slow. It’s not a big problem for me but I know there are some people out there who love to see fast paced issue and some fun action who really see this as a problem.

Jock also did a nice job in here. The story flows really well from panel to the next panel. The character expression also speaks something. But if you paymore attention to the background, you will notice there isn’t any detail on it.


This issue is a slow introduction to the limited series. Some people will like it, while the others don’t. Other than that, this is actually a finely-drawn and well-written one.

Score: B


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