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Green Arrow Year One #2 – Comic Review

Title: Part 2
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Jock
Published by DC Comics on late September 2007

Short Recap:

Oliver Queen wakes up in a beach of an unknown island and no one know he still alive. Now, he must survive no matter what, plain and simple.


I want to highlight that I’m not a fan for the plot in this issue. First, I’m against the idea of having yet another character development with Oliver Queen. We already get enough character development on the previous issue so I think it’s just too much at the moment and it’s just doesn’t add anything at all if you think about it.

Second, I’m also dislike how Ollie transforms from a spoiled rich brat into some kind of a survivor in such a short time. It just doesn’t make sense at all. He just realises that he must get real because eating a raw fish. I really want to see a more personal and deep reason for him to chance but… this is what we get.

But on the other side, Jock and David Baron, the colorist for this limited series, did a quite nice job for this issue. The inking are expressive as usual and their did the right thing to use water-color to color this limited series because it works really well with a more natural setting.

I also like the design for Ollie. The sleeveless white T-shirt and cargo pants with a green hood as an addition are great. “The jungle Robin Hood” attire, that’s what I call it, gives a real edge to the character.


At one side, we get a kinda bad storyline but in other side, we also get an awesome artwork. So we could just say this issue is okay.

Score: C+


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