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Green Arrow Year One #3 – Comic Review

Title: Part 3
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Jock
Published by DC Comics on early October 2007

Short Summary:

After realising he isn’t alone in the island, he go to seek the truth about the island. After a meeting a native of the island, he learns the dark secret of the island and the fact that Chien Na Wei and Hackett are the one who responsible.


Everything in this issue are great. Andy Diggle knew really well what he should put in every pages.┬áThe captions, dialogues, and even the pace in this issue feels right. Jock and David Baron also continue to provide some top class performance with their artwork. The expression from each character are amazing. And don’t forget how lively the scenery is.

And the best part of this issue is the jungle all-out confrontation between Hackett and Ollie. Diggle and Jock really know how to make an action scene.It flows nicely between panel.The composition of dialogues and captions also placed really well so it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the action.

The only problem for this issue is Chien Na Wei.┬áBoth her personality and design are poor. She looks like a generic one-dimensional villain that doesn’t have anything good in her. The only difference between her and those henchmen are her appearance and her name. Other than that, well, nothing special at all.

Her design are also questionable. Why on earth she use a white onesie and dye her hair white? It’s just ridiculous. You simply don’t have any reason to make her looks like that as the only person who calls her China White is Oliver Queen and they never met each other before.


Clearly this issue isn’t perfect because we have problems in here. But other than that, well, it actually good. To be honest, this issue is one of the best – if not the best – issue in this limited series.

Score: A-


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