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Nightwing #1 – Comic Review

Title: Better than Batman Part 1
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Javier Fernandez
Colors: Chris Sotomayor
Published by DC Comics on July 2016

Short Recap:

Nightwing is working for international offshoot of Gotham’s Court of Owl now. He’s tasked to go to Russia to shadow a guy named Raptor. But instead shadowing him, Nightwing beaten by Raptor and been told that everything Batman taught is wrong.


Nightwing series is always about Dick Grayson trying to get away from Batman’s shadow and its no different in here. I like how this series once again put Nightwing in a situation we never seen before. Nighwing working for Court of Owl and Raptor’s opinion that everything Batman taught is wrong are a great concept and could make “Better than Batman” become an awesome story arc.

Tim Seeley depiction of Barbara Gordon also works out in here. Not every writer could make a relationship into something essential in an entertaining way. Most of the times it just annoys the reader and people stop care about it. But it’s not the case for Dick – Barbara relationship. I cares about it in this arc and wants to see where it will be going to.

The action in this issue are also great. I love the way Raptor kick Nightwing’s ass. The dialogue they exchange to each other are also great and raise the tense in this issue. I hope we get more of these in the next issue.

My only problem in here is Raptor. We still don’t get enough time with Raptor so I can’t say anything about his character but his design just stupid. I love his gauntlet that could release somekind of gas. Yes, it’s a cool stuff but other than that he doesn’t look terrifying at all. He looks more like a reject WWE westler and not someone Court of Owl should cautious to somehow.


Nightwing #1 is the best issue I pick up this week. With a new look and status quo, it’s just yet another fantastic Rebirth debut. The success here is the result from an awesome collaboration between Tim Seeley and Javier Fernandez. While many people hope Grayson series to continue, I must say that I love him back in his old persona.

Score: A-


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