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Green Arrow Year One #4 – Comic Review

Title: Part 4
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Jock
Published by DC Comics on late October 2007

Short Recap:

After his fight against Hackett, Oliver Queen wakes up and finds himself being treated by Taiana, the native woman he met in previous issue. He’s treated using opium as a part of his medication until one day, Chien Na Wei’s henchmen found them and forced them to run away. At that moment, Ollie realises there are people out there who need his help and he swears that he will take Chien Na Wei down once and for all.


Basically, there’s nothinginthis issue except a bunchof explanation and foreshadowing. We get to know the origin of the name “Green Arrow”. We get to know why Ollie is strongly against drugs, just like what we see during Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85. We also get more understanding why Ollie wants to stand for the natives. But the good thing in here, Andy Diggle could explain all of this in a good way. He inserted all of the explanation and foreshadowing to the plot quite nice so it doesn’t seem forced.

I’m also happy to see Hackett is still alive in this issue. I’m looking forward to get more love and hate relationship between Hackett and Ollie in the next issue as Hackett is a far more better villain than Chien Na Wei.

Jock and David Baron, once again, provide us with awesome artwork through this issue with the most notable one is the drug scene. The drug addiction part in this issue is totally a playground for them as we get some cool and fun stuff there.

The only disappointment in here is the pace for this issue. After a very tense moment inthe end of previous issue, I’m a little sad finding this issue actually have a slower pace than the previous one. But probably it’s a smart choice to do that as there’s still two more issue left so it won’t feel dragging so much during the finale.


Green Arrow Year One #4 is a quite nice issue, but sadly there isn’t any progression for the story in here. It’s simply a good but unneeded issue.

Score: B-


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