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Suicide Squad – Movie Review

Director: David Ayer
Producer: Charles Roven, Richard Suckle
Writer: David Ayer
Released by Warner Bros. Picture on August 5, 2016

Short Recap:

A secret goverment agency led by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency and saving the world from an unknown but powerful threat. Their first mission is to extract Waller and stop the Enchantress (Cara Delevigne) once and for all.


Before I start my review, I want to say that I will review this movie as a Suicide Squad movie. I’m a veteran fans of this uncanny group of heroes so I have waiting for this movie for a long time. And to say the truth to all of you, I’m truly disappointed at the moment I came out from the theatre.

First, I want to appreciate all the actor. They did a good job to potray their character. Will Smith did an awesome job potraying Deadshot and I’m looking forward to see him in the next installment of DC movies (although I’m against the idea to turn comic book Deadshot become black). Margot Robbie and Jared Leto turns out to be a great duo. They have good chemistry with each other and at the first time, I’m really happy to see Joker and Harley came to life.

But I can’t say the same thing to the other. They just don’t have enough screen time to do anything. It seems like they don’t have any purpose to be in this movie. El Diablo, well, I never care about him from the early part of this movie because we don’t get enough time to know him at all. And when the moment we start to care about him, Ayer kills him. And for the rest of the squad, like Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, and Katana, they just appear in this movie to deliver several one-liner. And that’s all.

This is a SUICIDE SQUAD movie. A SQUAD movie. And I really think this movie looks more like a “Deadshot and friends” movie.

The other problem in here is Joker and Harley Queen storyline. They don’t serve any purpose to the main story at all. Joker appearance in this movie is purely because WB wants Joker to be in this movie. I understand that his role is essential on Harley’s backstory and the ending of this movie… but his side story just meh. It looks like WB boards want to include Joker in the Suicide Squad to get more money.

I also disappointed with the final act of this movie. It just looks really weird. Enchantress is a fuckin wizard and instead doing some magic stuff, she decided to strike them with hand on hand combat. And for God’s sake, it looks so messy.

And the main problem in here is the squad in this movie doesn’t look like Suicide Squad at all. When I come to a comic book store and pick up a Suicide Squad comic, I hope to see badass Amanda Waller prepare a complicated and detail plan to get what she wants with an addition some villain do some villain stuff (kill people and make chaos) in a fun and entertaining way.

But what we get in this movie is exactly an Expendable movie but with DC Comics villain as the character. They don’t look like the bad guys until the characters need to remind us about that several times by doing some unimportant bad guys stuff. Whatever Ayer says, Deadshot and Harley Queen in here is just an unconventional protagonist. An unconventional anti-hero and not a villain who forced to do something good.


Worst. Hero. Ever. And the only thing worse than that is the film itself. I appreciated the performance from all the actor in this film and the similarities between this version of character with its comic book counterpart, but all of that still can’t save this movie.

Score: D+


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