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Suicide Squad: Rebirth – Comic Review

Title: Rebirth
Writer: Rob Williams
Penciller: Philip Tan
Inkers: Jonathan Clapion, Scott Hanna, Sandu Florea
Published by DC Comics on August 2016

Short Recap:

Amanda Waller try to reactivate his program, Task Force X, a team of super criminals who forced to do the dirty work of America. And the last piece of puzzle she needs is Colonel Rick Flag and she’ll do her best to convince him to join the program.


Suicide Squad is not the comic that could promise you something good in each of its issue. It could have a really great issue today and an awful one on the next. To be short, it’s a troubled franchise and even DC Comics has a hard time tounderstand what they should do with the comic.

Rick Flag is coming back to Suicide Squad as he, as far as I can tell, hasn’t shown up in New 52 universe up until now. Writer Rob Williams takes the opportunity to add him to the team as a Naval officer who’s in prison for an unnamed crime of conscience, with an opportunity to lead the team as an alternative to life in Guantanamo. It’s fine as it means a joy for a longtime reader of Suicide Squad and also a possibility for this new series to go to a different direction.

The action and other stuff in here are also great. I really think that Rob Williams know how to make a Suicide Squad comic and also one or two stuff about them as we get our badass Amanda Waller back and not her hot stupid chick reincarnation. Deadshot, Boomerang, and Harley also has the right character.

The only problem I see in this issue is the fill-in art by Philip Tan, which is fine if this book wasn’t being sold on Jim Lee’s art. Sometimes Harley Queen feels a little too chubby and his take on President Obama looks a little bit off.


A true satisfaction to see on this series as it probably a clean, easy gateway and an enjoyable depiction of the Amanda Waller/Rick Flag rivalry. It suggests that better days are in store for this troubled franchise.

Score: B+


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