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Kill or be Killed #1 – Comic Review

Title: Number One
Creator: Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Elizabeth Breitweiser
Published by Image Comics on August 2016

Short Recap:

We get into the life of Dylan, 28-years old college grad loser who failed to kill himself several times. One night, the devil comes to his place and reveals that he keeps saving him from killing himself. As a compensation, the devil wants him to kill one people each month or he will end Dylan’s life.


At the first time, I’m interested in this comic book because of its title and the name Ed Brubaker on it. I just take a look at Captain America v5 that was also created by Ed Brubaker and I found it was amazing. So I hope something amazing came out from this comic book series.

What I like about this comic is the fact that this series is a social commentary about how suck our society is. Ed Brubaker made various reference in here about our society. About how relationship works these days, about people who want to change but did nothing, about cops that kill innocent black kids, and about a psycho who runs for presidential (tell me you know what I’m talking about).

Our protagonist is also our everyday loser. He’s a 28-years old grad student who already tries to throw his life several times without success. His attitude and his life are something common in our society today. He sucks at love. He doesn’t have anyone who understand about him. Yeah, I’m sure we know a person like that or probably it’s you!

The art for this series also fit with the theme and topic of the series. It’s dark and gruesome. For me it works in a nice way with Brubaker’s great story telling. The action scenes are also great while still trying to be realistic.


This is a great all-around comic book from Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Elizabeth Breitweiser. It has a great story telling, very grounded character, nice topic, and good artwork. Overall you could find everything you hope for a comic book in here.

Score: A


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