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Fables #2 – Comic Review

Title: The (Un)usual Suspect
Writer: Bill Willingham
Pencilled: Lan Medina
Inked: Steve Leialoha
Published by Vertigo on August 2002

Short Recap:

Bigby Wolf continue his investigation for the murder of Rose Red by listing the suspect and interrogate them. And along the way, we get to know more about the resident of Fabletown and their story.


Like I have said in my review for the previous issue. Bill Willingham could make an interesting character based on various fables. And in here we know about Bigby Wolf, Snow White, Prince Charming, and Jack Horner more while being introduced to a brand new character named Blue Beard which is also as interesting as the others.

If you have read a crime mystery novel or comic book before, the story usually drive you to suspect at least around two people because they simply have a strong motive to kill the victim while most of the clue also point them as the doer. But in here, every single suspect ¬†except Blue Beard simply doesn’t have strong reasoning to kill Rose Red so I don’t think the plot is real good.

Lan Medina continue to produce nice and realistic artwork for this issue. I’m happy to see his work and really hope he will take care the art for this issue for a long time.


This issue continue to produce an entertaining story with awesome art. Although I’m not so satisfied with the plot, it’s still could be consider good.

Score: B-


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