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How to Repair DC Extended Universe

After Suicide Squad got yet another bad critics from either reviewers and fans, I think there’s something wrong with the DC Extended Universe itself. If they continue their business this way, I’m not sure Justice League Part 2 will come out to see the light. So I tried to do my best to analyst where DCEU made their mistake and concoct a list about their biggest problem and how to repair it. So without further ado, let’s just start our list.

1. Know Your Source Material


It’s sure a sad moment for DC fans to live in a post-Nolan era. The Dark Knight trilogy surely a really great movie. It’s dark, gloomy, and even take Batman mythos a little bit too realistic sometimes. But for God’s sake, that’s not the reason why people say The Dark Knight trilogy a good trilogy. It’s good because they have talented actor, great script, awesome visual, impressive soundtrack, and cool editing. Not because it’s a dark and gloomy movie. So please stop forced all your comic book movie become dark and gloomy.

You want to make a dark and gloomy movie? Yes, you could do it with Batman but not the other character. Each character have their own taste and theme or at least give us a reason why it should be dark. Man of Steel is the best example for it. It’s dark because it’s telling us the early part of Superman’s journey and Superman haven’t understood the true meaning of hope.. yet. It will getting brighter and brighter as Superman understands more about hope. Yeah… I could understand about that.

But what’s your excuse for BvS and Suicide Squad? You don’t have a reason to make BvS a dark movie solely because it features Batman on it. And how about Suicide Squad? From its first debut in comic book, Suicide Squad is always about chaos and villain do villain stuff for America’s interest. It should be a fun chaotic movie and not a dark and gritty one. I will lose my hope if they decide to make Flash a dark and gritty movie.

2. Know How to Promote Your Movie


Understanding reviewer is kinda simple. It’s about expectation vs reality. When you come to the theatre expecting something really great and it turns out to be somehow mediocre, well, you will receive a lot of hate. And this is the mistake they did with Suicide Squad. The promotion for this movie is (in my opinion) over the top. It as if Warner Bros promises us a really great movie. A movie that would kick Civil War‘s ass, but well, you know how it turns out right?

Iron Man 2 and Thor 2 aren’t a good movie either. Both of them sucks in my honest opinion. But why they have clearly higher rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Because they never give you a promise that Iron Man 2 and Thor 2 would be a great one. They release a decent amount of trailer and information as if they just make a decent movie. And in that condition, people won’t be so harsh to your movie because they come to the theatre expecting some decent movie. So please, if you’re making a not-so-awesome movie, don’t treat it like the next Titanic.

3. Develop Your Character


One problem in BvS and once again appeared in Suicide Squad is the audience never care about the character that appeared in the movie. The characters are under develop and even most of the audience never know a single thing about them. They just make a fight between Batman and Superman where Lex Luthor and Doomsday somehow appeared without giving proper introduction for them. They make a squad movie when some of the character never been introduced properly and even have nothing to do in the movie.

Why won’t you introduced every character in this Cinematic Universe properly. Give Doomsday an introduction in a proper Man of Steel movie. Give Captain Boomerang a proper introduction in a Flash movie. Make us care about the character first before jump straight to the problem and have them clash with each other. Remember, quality over quantity. Don’t be so rushed to pursue Marvel.

4. Stop Using “Super-Cameo” Character


Before BvS released, WB promised a Wonder Woman appearance in the movie. But it turns out Diana never put her costume the entire movie except for the last fight against Doomsday. Before Suicide Squad released, WB once again promised us Joker appearance in the movie. And once again it turns out Joker only appeared in Harley’s flashback and unneeded Joker’s side story.

So those people who come to the theatre hoping to get a Wonder Woman action and a lot of Joker’s scene, just wait over there and forced to watch something they probably never care from the very beginning. And yes, it’s a quickest way to receive a lot of hate. Hail false advertising. Please WB, gives a character proper introduction rather than forced them to do some “super-cameo” stuff because the more you do it, the more annoying it is.

5. Stop Treating DCEU as a Cash Cow


“Okay! We get it! We get it that all of you want to see Zack’s full vision and also Ayer’s full vision for their movie. Then just buy the extended cut version, we won’t stir those version. We’re cool right?” NO! We’re definitely not cool right now. You’re selling us an incomplete movie in theatre and hoping us to buy the complete version on Blue-ray? So WB starts to implement DLC in movie industry. Well, what a smart move. Do you know why gamers hate Destiny so much? Ohhh, you probably haven’t heard about it.

I hate it when a lot of studio (WB included) start to make a comic book movie because they see Disney makes a lot of cash from it. It’s not because they make a comic book movie. It’s because they make a good comic book movie. So please understand it. Stop treating comic book movie as a cash cow and start to treat it as a movie.

In short what I want to tell to all of you is please treat a comic book movie just like any other movie. Respect the source material and respect its fans. It’s not a cash cow. But in the end, this is just another article from another blog on internet. Feel free to argue my opinion and let me know yours.


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