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Green Arrow Year One #5 – Comic Review

Title: Part 5
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Jock
Published by DC Comics on early November 2007

Short Recap:

Oliver Queen decides to fight Chien Na Wei back and frees the natives. But Hackett stands in his way and wants to put Ollie down.


The story in this issue is kinda simple. Ollie wants to fight back and Hackett wants to stop him. And as you can guess, this one is a full action packed issue. In here we get an evidence that Diggle and Jock understand really well how to make a good action scenes in comic. The action flows really nice and at the right pace. Olliealso delivers kinda nice one-liner through the issue.

And the best part of it is the appearance from the early version of trick arrows. We get explosion arrows in here, which is quite nice. We also get a knock-out arrows and luckily, without its infamous boxing glove.

And just like what I have told you earlier, Jock did a nice job here.He provides us with a nice action scenes in this issue. I also find out the destructions and explosions are real good and somehow satisfying. But the one that stands out is the electrocuting scene in the last page. It’s really cool.

But there’s a problem I just realises when I read this issue. Oliver Queen have gone through too many life threatening situation before the final fight and somehow it makes the final feels less threatening. Ollie supposed to be dead for too many times until we feel that he simply invulnurable.


This issue is a full-action less-story kind of issue. Although created like that, I must say this issue is good and entertaining. It’s a perfect bridge to the final fight between Ollie and Hackett.

Score: B+


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