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All-Star Batman #1 – Comic Review

Title: My Own Worst Enemy Part 1
Writer: Scott Snyder
Penciller: John Romita Jr.
Inker: Danny Miki
Colorist: Dean White
Published by DC Comics on August 2016

Short Recap:

Batman brings Two-Face to the north of Gotham City in hope to end Two-Face once and for all. But it turns out to be a trap as Batman is public enemy number one right now.


Scott Snyder seems to be destined to write a Batman story for the rest of his life. And with All-Star Batman, he once again proves he’s the best choice out there to do a Batman story in this continuity-free series.

This issue has a very entertaining premise. What happen to the Batman when there isn’t any single person in Gotham that supports him. Even Alfred wants him down this time, yes, even Alfred. Two-Face promises whoever taken down Batman will get a huge amount of money and in returns if nobody succeeded to stop Batman, he will reveal all darkest secrets of Gotham’s people. Sadly, we don’t know any single details about how Two-Face manages to get all the secrets from people of Gotham and what’s the plan of Batman.

It’s also cool to see many appearance from Batman rogue gallery. Other than Two-Face in here, we get to see Killer Moth, Firefly, and Black Spider. They try to stop Batman in their very own ways. And although the design for these characters are not the best, the rendition of Two-Face had some genuinely intimidating moments… especially when only Harvey Dent’s deformed eye was visible underneath his hood.

And perhaps, the people who enjoys most in this issue is John Romita Jr. After spending decades at Marvel, he starts his journey on DC Comics and much like his father, Romita is one of the greatest sequential storytellers in comics, and he makes the wide screen action shots seem easy. He also provides us with some intense moment between Batman and Two-Face.


Even with a few minor flaws, All-Star Batman #1 is one of the comics that feels like its worth every single penny. It’s not a perfect one but surely it’s an entertaining one.

Score: B+


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