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Deathstroke Rebirth #1 – Comic Review

Title: The Professional Prologue
Writer: Priest
Penciller: Carlo Pagulayan
Inker: Jason Paz
Colorist: Jeremy Cox
Published by DC Comics on August 2016

Short Recap:

Deathstroke is hired by a murderous dictator to fill mass graves, but after he returns he vows to protect the families of the soldier.


Deathstroke is a very interesting character. He always does whatever he wants to do. Sometimes a ruthless murderer and a killer without moral code, but at the other times he willingly protect the people who have been wronged with only a small payment. He’s a very unpredictable character that could be a villain today and an anti-hero at the next day. And Priest understands his character really well.

Deathstroke Rebirth is an issue that focus on the characterisation of Deathstroke. We get two different version of Deathstroke in here, the straight up ruthless villain and the anti-hero trying to do something good. He works for some murderous dictator at a moment and vows to protect the families of the soldier at the next moment. At the moment he was a douchebag father to his children, but on the other page it was revealed his mission is to kill a supervillain to avenge the death of the villain’s victim.

We also get a chance to know more about Deathstroke’s past. So actually this issue is divided into two parts of story. The first one titled as The Bear is the story of Deathstroke’s past where he accompanied his children to camp in the mountain and later revealed it was a camouflage for a mission. The second one titled as Wheelons is a story where Deathstroke is hired to kill Clock King by a dictator before returns to help the families of the dictator’s soldier.

But as you can guess, the problem in here is the content of this issue. It seems that Priest has so much stuff he wants to tell to us until he can’t manage the content himself and it turns out he failed to tell anything at all. There isn’t any plot for this issue and more like a bunch of information stacked up together.

At the other part, I really enjoy the art of the book. It’s more of realistic and grittier look than some of the other DC comics. The art also does a good job of showing how much of a badass Deathstroke is and the action is very fun to read.


As many characters actually got a massive upgrade of quality on their Rebirth debut, Deathstroke seems also get that treatment. Clearly this issue is far more better than what we get in his New 52 days.

Score: B


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