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Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 – Comic Review

Title: Fathers and Sons (Dark Trinity Part 1)
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Dexter Soy
Colorist: Veronica Gandini
Published by DC Comics on August 2016

Short Recap:

According to one of Red Hood’s associate, Ma Gunn, Black Mask is building and expanding his own criminal empire. And in the meeting between Red Hood and Black Mask, Black Mask reveals his intention to make Red Hood his second-in-command. But before that happens, he wants Red Hood to prove himself by obtaining a “game changer” guarded by an Amazonian, Artemis.


Red Hood and the Outlaws is one of the series that did an unexpected good debut in Rebirth. It’s always hard to make the first issue of a series, but in my opinion Lobdell and his company have done the best they could do. I have several problems with this one, but I have one thing I really want to talk about and it’s about Jason Todd’s potrayal.

If you are a true fans of Red Hood, you’ll notice there’s a big chance in his personality. This Red Hood is not someone we familiar with. He becomes far more softer with much more higher moral code. Although it’s not completely bad, it’s still leave us a question about the future of this series. As a person who knows Jason well, I expect some wanton violence and murder he’s been known for. And with this chance, I’m curious how Lobdell will bring Red Hood in the future, with the company of Artemis and Bizarro.

My other problem in here is Black Mask’s design. I don’t know really much about Black Mask but as far as I know, Black Mask isn’t categorized as a criminally insane or have some weird fetishes. So seeing him using a BDSM kind mask is a little bit weird for me. I don’t really mind with the new design but it’s just feels weird.

Scott Lobdell’s story for this issue is real good. This story has such a great potential to become something beyond the superhero double agent thoroughfare. Lobdell tried to bring us to question Red Hood’s existence as an anti-hero and what he really is. I also like how Lobdell let us see Batman from different perspective.

Dexter Soy and Veronica Gandini probably are the best artist out there to lead us on a journey to the Gotham underworld. Soy’s knack for detail makes adds a spectacular flair this action-packed inaugural issue. I love to see how he pay attention to some spesific details in the characters while also continue to provide us numerous cool panels. Gandini’s gritty tone for this one matches the tone conveyed by Red Hood’s inner monologue and the events of the story.


Although a little bit slow than what I’m expected, as a first issue, it’s not a bad setup. And as I says earlier, this story has such a great potential to become something beyond the superhero double agent thoroughfare. Probably could become one of the best Bat family story that doesn’t feature Batman at all.

Score: B



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