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Civil War #1 – Comic Review

Writer: Mark Millar
Penciller: Steve McNiven
Inker: Dexter Vines
Colorist: Moory Hollowell
Published by Marvel Comics on July 2006

Short Recap:

A group of young heroes named New Warriors tries to take down a group of villain that out of their league in order to boost their show rating. But things turn worse and a big exposion happened and kill around 600 people. People blame the heroes for the tragedy and government releases a new act, Superhuman Registration Act, that requires all people with superpower to register and reveal themselve to the government.


Civil War is the┬áreason I want to jump into the comic book world. What do you think when a 10-years old kid hears that every hero going to fight each other? So yeah, it has a special place in my heart and whatever critics say out there, it will always be one of my favourite comic book event. So I’m sorry if my critics for this crossover event is a little bit bias.

I love the concept of Civil War. For years, the government never did a single thing to the superhero community. It seems like they’re simply untouchable. And Civil War came with a concept that government is tired of superhero’s shit. They want regulation, they want registration. They want to know who they could trust and who they can’t trust. It could become a first political drama event in comic book history with one side supports the law and the other side opposes it.

And everything in this issue is on the right way. We see the reasons why the act could pass the congress. We understand why people of America is losing their trust to the superhero community. We know why on earth that Iron Man could support the government. We also know why Captain America against the registration. And all of it just makes sense.

The only problem I have in this issue is Millar’s potrayal for the people of America. Rather than losing their trust to superhero community, they more look like an ungrateful piece of shit. Do they realises how many times Fantastic Four have saved them from intergalactic treat? And you just make Johnny Storm into a punching bag until he comas. Do you realises that the only reason Nazi didn’t win World War II in your universe is Captain America? And you just hunt him down like a common criminal.

I think the art is kinda mediocre in this issue. It’s a nice artwork but there are many artwork just like this nowadays and yeah… McNiven just don’t have superiority other than it looks realistic. But there’s a standout moment for the art in this issue and that’s the moment when Nitro blows himself and destroys Stamford.


The first issue of Civil War is really great for my opinion. It could hook the readers to this event and also promise us a really great one.

Score: B+


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