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Green Arrow Year One #6 – Comic Review

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Jock
Published by DC Comics on late November 2007

Short Recap:

Oliver Queen takes his last stand against Chien Na Wei and Hackett. This is a full-action packed issue to conclude this limited series.


After five great setup for the final issue of this limited series, instead getting a real satisfaction we actually get a huge disappointment. Everything here seems right for some reasons but on the same time doesn’t give any satisfaction as a conclusion to its readers. So let me break down some reasons why I could classified this issue as an unsatisfying conclusion.

First, we don’t get a top class final fight between Ollie and Hackett. The fight between them is a decent one, even their fight in the jungle back in issue 3 are more great than this one. And at the end of the fight, I think we will get a moment that decides whether Ollie is a killer or not when Taiana points a gun to Hackett in point blank range, and I’m wrong. For some unknown reasons, Chien Na Wei kills Hackett.

Second, we don’t get any proper fight against Chien Na Wei. I don’t know but I really think a person who have a role as the boss of drug cartel should deserve a quite good fight against our protagonist. But for whatever reasons, Ollie only needs a single arrow to incapacitate Chien Na Wei and all her henchmen.

Third, we also get the most instant birth in comic book history. So at this point I really don’t know what this issue is trying to give to us as the climax of the story. Everything in here feels so instant and easy. And at the end nothing really matters anymore.

Apart from the story and every event on this issue, it’s still a great one. Jock continue to produces his particular artworks together with the awesome colors provided by David Baron.


This is one of the most unsatisfying conclusion as a limited series. When everything is right in the past previous issues, this issue ends it badly.

Score: C+


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