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Fables #4 – Comic Review

Title: Remembrence Day
Writer: Bill Willingham
Penciller: Lan Medina
Inker: Craig Hamilton
Published by Vertigo on October 2002

Short Recap:

The case of Rose Red’s murder has reach its conclusion. Bigby Wolf has found out the one who responsible behind this act and decided to reveal it on the Remembrence Day, the moment to remember the day when they are kicked out from the Homeland.


For everyone who haven’t read this issue, I’m sorry but it’s impossible to discuss this one without revealing the one who responsible for the murder. So SPOILER AHEAD!

Rose Red is the one who responsible for the case and I simply don’t know what to say at the moment. It’s truly unpredictable that Rose Red is the one who responsible for her own death. I mean it’s a fake murder, not a suicide. But when we think back to the two previous issue, no one have a strong motive to kill Rose Red so well, it’s not totally suprising when you find the doer isn’t from the suspect list. But having Rose Red herself to stage her own murder? Well, it’s totally suprising.

Other than that, we also know more about the Fables in this issue. We get to know the reasons behind their migration to our world and what happen to their homeland, which weirdly named as Homeland. We also know a little bit about creatures they called as Adversary although we could only speculate about his real form at the moment.

Everything associated with the artworks are amazing. Lan Medina and Craig Hamilton gives us yet another good stuff. I love everything from this issue, especially the flashback. It totally feels like comes straight from your grandma fairy tail books. It’s great and I totally admire it.


This issue definitely the best way to conclude a story arc. Interesting and suprising result that could also fills the curiosity of the readers. I totally pleased with this one and looking forward for the explanation in the next issue.

Score: A-


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